geographIT, a division of EBA Engineering, Inc., helped the Philadelphia Police Department design and implement a state-of-the-art public safety enterprise ArcGIS for Server environment enabling interactive web mapping, query, and analysis of numerous law enforcement databases. Our staff assisted with the 24-server architecture design, migration of legacy data and applications to the new server environment, and implementation and administration of ArcGIS REST service architecture used by the Public Safety GIS applications.

The new software—which replaces an outdated mapping system—provides all levels of law enforcement with a wealth of crime data, including both police department data and statistics from other city and state departments. 

“Mapping multiple law enforcement datasets and analyzing the geo-temporal patterns of the data at the neighborhood level helps to determine the modus operandi of criminals and refine police beats,” said Mr. U. S. Grant Ervin, Public Safety GIS Program Manager. “It also helps to solve crimes.”

The new system puts the whole police department on the same page while helping staff analyze other data simultaneously with crime data. In addition to citywide crime data, the maps have statistics from departments such as licenses and inspections, streets, state probation and parole, prisons, and the court system. Data on education, employment, hospitals, and housing is also available.

Ervin said being able to simultaneously look at crime statistics and other city data will help the police coordinate with the rest of the city.

The project received the distinguished 2013 Special Achievement in GIS Award at the 2013 Esri International User Conference. 

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