• Enterprise GIS Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan
  • Enterprise GIS Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan

The Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County (MAWC) implemented GIS in the mid-1990s to maintain and print utility maps and cross reference engineering documents to infrastructure. The Authority wanted to expand GIS to serve other divisions, centralize and integrate existing databases and document libraries, and implement mobile data collection.

This project involved grounding, strategy development, departmental requirements assessment, and implementation planning. Grounding involved an online questionnaire; 12 on-site interviews with various departments to document business practices and data uses; evaluation of GIS/IT infrastructure; and evaluation of GIS data, drawings, and databases. Strategy development involved 8 meetings to evaluate various GIS expansion approaches, including alternative GIS architecture options. The team incorporated information collected through grounding and strategy development into the draft and final Enterprise GIS Needs Assessment Report.

The implementation plan included a budget for hardware, commercial software, data migration and integration, application implementation, and project management. It also included a summary of implementation activities, a resource plan, and a 5-year implementation timeline sequencing implementation activities. 

Together, the needs assessment and implementation plan offer the Authority a blueprint for implementing enterprise GIS to address multi-departmental needs.